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Laser vascular lesions

Laser treatment for vascular lesions at Bellezza Spa is an advanced technology for skin therapy that has become a mainstay in reducing acquired, as well as congenital, lesions. Vascular lesions are large vessels that form underneath the skin. Usually they are bright red in appearance and are usually easily seen since they reside right under the skin’s surface. A lesion comes in any size and can be found in all over the body. Lesion forms can include broken capillaries and port wine stains as well as cherry angiomas and hemangiomas.

Some lesions are small and go seemingly unnoticed while others can spread across the entire body, including the neck and face. Unfortunately, these lesions do not disappear by themselves. Ordinarily, lesions do not create an extreme health issues or problems; however, they’re extremely unsightly and embarrassing.The good news is that they can be removed through laser vascular lesions treatment.

Laser treatment results in no downtime for the client and happens on an outpatient basis. So, whether you desire to remove broken capillaries in the legs or an extreme port wine stain across the face, the technology is now ready and available for healthy use in laser vascular lesion treatments.

Try Laser treatment at Bellezza Spa for unsightly vascular lesions.



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