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Collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment

Reduce aging on your skin with the innovative collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment from Bellezza Spa. Instantly revealing a more youthful skin, this specialty skin treatment is the perfect way to keep your skin appearing fresh and free to imperfections. This customized anti­aging treatment helps your skin appear as young as possible. It contains antioxidants, collagen, and hyaluronic plumping agents that will transform your skin. As an answer for lines and wrinkles, the collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment gives you the appearance that you have always wanted – with the convenience and luxury of an exclusive skin treatment at Bellezza Spa. In just 75 minutes, you can experience the results of the collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment.

See how these elements of the treatment work together to produce younger, healthier looking skin. For ultimate results, Bellezza recommends a series of four collagen hyaluronic lifting treatments.

You will be pleasantly surprised how these treatments will transform your skin. Contact Bellezza Spa today to schedule your next collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment. Experience the luxurious treatment for your skin that will leave it looking 10 years younger, free to imperfections that typical remedies can’t touch. It’s all possible with the collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment from Bellezza Spa.

Reveal your youthful skin with the collagen hyaluronic lifting treatment at Bellezza Spa.



Bellezza Spa offers premium specialty spa services in an upscale Miami Med Spa facility utilizing only the the best Candela equipment and industry leading training. Our services include laser hair removal, skin tightening, permanent makeup, microblading, and other age defying treatments including peels, hydrofacials, and microdermabrasion.