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Hydradermie facial (pre/post cosmetic procedure)

Reveal the most beautiful, radiant you with the ultimate in lasting complexion treatment: the luxurious Hydradermie Facial at Bellezza Spa. This exclusive and innovative treatment revitalizes and invigorates with a process that pampers skin from the inside out. Facial skin is treated to a luxurious array of specialized products that thoroughly cleanse then deeply hydrate. Utilizing gentle ionizing galvanic currents and relaxing massage techniques, these soothing products penetrate the face, neck, and skin of the eyes, instantly oxygenating, purifying, balancing, and firming.

The relaxing Hydradermie Facial process unveils your best complexion, one invigorated, brightened, firmed, and deeply moisturized. After one experience, you’ll see and feel the stunning results. For ultimate results, a series of four treatments is recommended, so you can enjoy your gorgeous, glowing skin and natural beauty even longer. Originally developed by renowned French skin care experts at Guinot, the Hydradermie Facial was developed to help you experience your most radiant skin.

By using mild galvanic currents, toxins and impurities deep in the skin are purged, allowing for oxygenation and penetration of special, treating products. The result is only your most beautiful, silky­smooth, and hydrated skin on display. Treat yourself to one of Bellezza’s ultimate luxuries, and reveal a complexion reinvigorated and truly radiant.

Reveal the most beautiful, radiant you with the luxurious Hydradermie Facial at Bellezza Spa.



We now offer injectables, dermal fillers, laser cosmetics, laser hair removal, laser acne treatment, as well as anti-aging and wrinkle reduction treatments.