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Hydrocell treatment

Experience the pleasure of a youthful, invigorated, glowing complexion with this luxurious breakthrough treatment that reveals your most beautiful, supple, silky­smooth skin. The Hydrocell Treatment at Bellezza Spa is a unique and specialized treatment suitable for all ages and skin types. While protecting the skin’s natural hydrolipids, specialized products and relaxing massaging techniques deeply moisturize the skin and encourages wrinkle eradication and skin cell regeneration. Renewing and nourishing, this treatment stimulates collagen fibers and instantly improves the face’s anatomic integrity. The result is a complexion that feels softer, healthier, and looks more youthful and vibrant.

A single treatment will reacquaint you with the beautiful complexion you always knew you had. For ultimate results, a series of four treatments is recommended, so you can experience the Hydrocell Treatment’s full therapeutic benefits. For a truly indulgent experience, pair it with one of Bellezza’s tantalizing and invigorating body massages. The effects of aging are universal, but daily stress, strain, fatigue, weather, and diets can hasten this process. Soon, skin begins to look dull, aged, rough, wrinkled, and saggy well before its time. With the Hydrocell Treatment, you can refresh and regenerate tired skin, and awaken a fresh, youthful, beautiful new you.

Awaken a fresh, youthful, beautiful new you with Bellezza’s breakthrough Hydrocell Treatment.



We now offer injectables, dermal fillers, laser cosmetics, laser hair removal, laser acne treatment, as well as anti-aging and wrinkle reduction treatments.