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European vegetable peel ­(face & décolleté)

Healthy and great­looking skin is well within your grasp. The European vegetable peel for the face and décolleté is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your skin. A popular skin treatment at Bellezza Spa, this is a great option for sun damaged skin and other imperfections. By stimulating cell division, the vegetable peel helps the face and décolleté area improve naturally. Sun damaged skin, as well as skin than has scars, pigmentation stains, and pregnancy mask can look dramatically better.

The European vegetable peel refreshes the skin, allowing it to maintain to its youthful appearance. This 90­minute skin treatment is a wonderful way to keep your skin looking brand new. Fantastic for all kinds of skin imperfections on the face and décolleté area, Bellezza recommends the European vegetable peel on a tri­weekly basis. This schedule is optimal for best results. Call today to schedule your next European vegetable peel treatment. With this innovative treatment, you can help your skin overcome problem areas and keep your skin looking amazing.

This popular skin treatment at Bellezza Spa for just about anything that has to do with your skin. Try it today to see what it can do for you.

Keep your face and décolleté area looking amazing with a European vegetable peel from Bellezza Spa.



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