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Rescue me pedicure

If you’ve worn out your legs and feet overtime, it’s time to head over to Bellezza Spa for a rejuvenating treatment. Our Rescue Me Pedicure is the perfect way to have your legs feel — and look — like new. Like all of our foot care treatments, this pedicure hydrates your skin while simultaneously promoting nail health. At Bellezza, you’ll enjoy deluxe pedicures that end with nail conditioning, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, a polish application, and massage.

The treatment targets tired and dry feet and heels along with calf muscles and the skin around your knees and will have these areas feeling and looking better than when you first walked in. The Rescue Me Pedicure pays close attention to the skin on your knees. Though this skin often becomes dehydrated and wrinkled, most traditional pedicures overlook it to focus only on the feet. We, however, treat all problem areas equally. The secret to our Rescue Me Pedicure is Emu oil.

It’s a special ingredient and very effective when used on your knees. Studies have suggested that emu oil that is topically applied has anti­inflammatory properties and promotes healing. It’s often used for treating chapped lips or dry skin. Emu oil rebalances the lipid fatty acid composition of dry and aging skin. Come to Bellezza Spa for a Rescue Me Pedicure once a month to maximize this treatment’s relaxing power.

The Rescue Me Pedicure relaxes your legs and treats dry, aging skin.


Deluxe nail services

We offers deluxe nail services ranging from quick fix pedicures and manicures, to our "Rescue Me Pedicure" which will rejuvenate your muscles, nails and skin, to leave you absolutely refreshed and relaxed.