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Callus foot therapy pedicure

Getting from place to place means you’re always on your feet, and that constant stress often puts a lot of pressure on feet and toes, leading to calluses. A callus is an area of dead skin that becomes thick and hardened. Calluses form to protect your skin from friction and pressure. If you have a callus, it could seem gray or yellow and feel less sensitive when you touch it than the skin around it. It could also feel bumpy. Though it’s normal for calluses to form on the feet of active people, they become a problem when they start to cause pain. It’s possible for calluses to form in any place where there is pressure on the skin. When it comes to feet, a callus will usually form on the heel, the ball of the foot, or at the bottom of the big toe.

All of our pedicures cut down your stress and tension through tested methods of relaxation, however, our Callus Foot Therapy Pedicure is more than your average pedicure. It combines all our relaxing techniques with a treatment tailored to callus removal. First, you’ll have your feet soaked in warm water and treated with concentrated Alpha Hydroxyl.

Our treatment helps make your calluses’ dry and scaly tissue get softer, loosen, and finally, flake away. Only one treatment will leave your feet looking better and feeling better too. You’ll also get a heated, whirlpool bath, and a foot and leg massage to relax you even more. All this, plus nail care such as trimming, buffing, filing, hydration, cuticle maintenance, and polish. Our Callus Foot Therapy Pedicure is the best treatment out there for callused feet.

Callus Foot Therapy Pedicures treat calluses to make feet feel great.


Deluxe nail services

We offers deluxe nail services ranging from quick fix pedicures and manicures, to our "Rescue Me Pedicure" which will rejuvenate your muscles, nails and skin, to leave you absolutely refreshed and relaxed.