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Athletes pedicure

Athletes take note: there’s a pedicure out there especially designed for you. Whether you’re a football player, an avid dancer, or fitness instructor, Bellezza Spa’s Athlete’s Pedicure will have your feet feeling the best in no time at all. All of our treatments for feet work together to hydrate your nails and maintain their health. All deluxe pedicures come with exfoliation, cuticle treatment, nail conditioning, massage, and a nail polish application. The pedicure was specifically created to get aching and tired muscles feeling their best again.

We’ll treat your muscles by indulging them in a warm bath of salt crystals along with Bellezza’s special Saltrageous Scrub. We created the Saltrageous Scrub to have a powerful impact — its active ingredients include Rosewood, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Oils. Eucalyptus oil, when used topically as in our scrub, has great analgesic and anti­inflammatory qualities. Peppermint oil, likewise, has uses for myalgia and neuralgia, is antibacterial, and cools the skin it touches. Rosewood oil has similar helpful effects. On top of the Saltrageous Pedicure, with our Athlete’s Pedicure you will also get an extra 15 minute massage. Between the calming effects of our Saltrageous Scrub and the relaxation created by a professional massage, you’ll find your muscles loosening up and feeling better quickly. You’ll walk out of Bellezza Spa ready to attack whatever exercises come your way.

As an athlete, you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while, so come to Bellezza Spa to relax. Your feet will look great, and above all, your sore muscles are sure to thank you once you have come in for this treatment.

An Athlete’s Pedicure treats sore muscles to get you up and running.


Deluxe nail services

We offers deluxe nail services ranging from quick fix pedicures and manicures, to our "Rescue Me Pedicure" which will rejuvenate your muscles, nails and skin, to leave you absolutely refreshed and relaxed.