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Sensitive skin facial

No matter how well you take care of your skin, you may find it looks lifeless and dull. Fortunately, a Bellezza Spa facial is the perfect option, and we have the facial treatments to fit your unique skin care needs. Perhaps you’re afraid that a facial will irratate your sensitive skin. Don’t worry — our special Sensitive Skin Facial is just what your skin type needs.

A Sensitive Skin Facial is perfect if your skin is sensitive to other treatments. Our facial will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. This facial lasts for 75 minutes and comes with a bunch of benefits. First, you’ll start with skin analysis where we determine the best course of action for your skin. Next, we’ll cleanse, exfoliate, and extract your pores. We use Photonyl, which calms, hydrates, and soothes your sensitive skin. As with any of our facials, you’ll experience a great difference after the deep cleansing effects that remove bacteria, toxins, and dirt.

Exfoliation gets rid of any dead skin and extraction clears out your clogged pores while removing blackheads and controlling acne. The facial also tightens up the surface of your skin. The result of all of this is glowing skin that feels refreshed. The Sensative Skin Facial also includes a massage, which boosts the immune system and drains the lymphatic system.

The massage releases toxins and brings down puffiness, helping you look your best. It also increases the circulation to your skin. This creates a healthy glow by pumping your skin with the water and nutrients it needs. Even if you do everything right such as using the right skincare products and drinking plenty of water each day, you’ll still need some extra help that only a Sensative Skin Facial can provide.

A Sensitive Skin Facial cares for your unique skin.



Bellezza’s European Facial is the hallmark of our distinctive spa experience. Our extensive Facial treatments leave the client with a sense of relaxation and renewal. All treatments are completely customized to each client’s skin requirements and they include: skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and a mask to balance and restore the skin’s healthy glow.