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Facial for him

A facial isn’t only about looking good. It’s a way to feel good, as well. Bellezza Spa has facials specifically designed for men. When it’s time to unwind from stress at the office, fighting children, or any other daily stresses, a facial is the best way to relax.

Our Facial For Him uses a deep cleansing exfoliating treatment along with a stress reducing massage to make your skin look great while creating a sense of calm that comes with a truly relaxing massage experience. The 75­minute treatment will have you feeling relaxed and renewed. Each treatment is entirely customized to meet your skin requirements. That way, you’ll reap the benefits of a custom skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and, finally, a mask that balances and restores the healthy appearance of your skin. In addition, the Facial For Him helps improve your health. Massage helps drain your lymphatic system, and, in turn, releases toxins and reduces puffiness. The massage will also increase circulation to your skin. This not only leaves you with a healthy glow, but pumps water and nutrients throughout your skin. You’ll feel healthier and seem more youthful. The massage also has anti­aging qualities as it relaxes your facial muscles, decreasing tension and delaying the start of wrinkles in your skin. With this facial specially designed for men, health and skin appearance come first.

The Facial For Him helps every man look and feel his best, and Bellezza Spa is the best mens day spa around.



Bellezza’s European Facial is the hallmark of our distinctive spa experience. Our extensive Facial treatments leave the client with a sense of relaxation and renewal. All treatments are completely customized to each client’s skin requirements and they include: skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and a mask to balance and restore the skin’s healthy glow.