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Anti-­pigmentation facial treatment

Are you concerned with your hyperpigmentation? Present in several different forms, hyper pigmentation can create dark spots on your face, arms, and legs that are unsightly. Luckily, there are some ways that you can treat the effects of this condition.

The hyperpigmentation treatment from Bellezza Spa works to reverse the effects of this condition. As it can produce spots, often found in freckles and age spots, you may opt for this treatment that can effectively treat hyper pigmentation. This is thanks to a powerful cocktail that contains chamomile and white tea, which specifically targets all forms of this condition. As a result, you can enjoy beautiful skin without the spots of hyper pigmentation.

This is a highly effective treatment that will help restore your confidence in the look and feel of your skin. Also available and recommended for the hands and arms, you can battle hyper pigmentation and its effects all over your skin. You can book your appointment today for an anti­pigmentation facial treatment at Bellezza Spa. Feel free to schedule it with your hands and arms for best results. You will love the results that you get from this treatment ­­ with amazing­looking skin on your face, arms, and hands.

Battle hyper pigmentation with an anti­pigmentation facial treatment from Bellezza Spa.



Bellezza’s European Facial is the hallmark of our distinctive spa experience. Our extensive Facial treatments leave the client with a sense of relaxation and renewal. All treatments are completely customized to each client’s skin requirements and they include: skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and a mask to balance and restore the skin’s healthy glow.