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Airbrush tanning

Pamper yourself with a sexy, sun­kissed glow that you don’t have to set foot in the sun for. Bellezza’s airbrush tanning delivers gorgeously radiant color so natural you’ll look like you just came back from a summer at the beach. Airbrush tanning is the ideal, safe alternative to sun­tanning, allowing for flattering summer color without enduring the harsh effects of the sun. Experts agree that exposure to the sun or extensive sessions in the tanning bed can have damaging results. Pre­mature aging, irreversible skin damage, and cancerous conditions are all ill­effects excessive time in the sun can bring about.

Airbrush tanning is an ideal alternative, delivering a beautiful, believable glow in minutes while protecting and caring for your skin. An airbrush tanning session provides an even application of all­over color, for a natural, beautiful look without a single tan­line, even if you have very fair skin. A touch of tan flatters and slims, so you can enjoy a gorgeous glow and feel completely confident when it’s time to shed sweaters, fly off for a warm-weather getaway, or show off a little skin. Bring a gorgeous burst of summer to your look, even if it’s January, with a Bellezza airbrush tan.

Bellezza’s airbrush tanning delivers a gorgeous, sun­kissed glow so natural you’ll look like you just came back from a summer at the beach.


Body treatments

Reinvigorate your skin, body and soul with one of our revitalizing body treatments. Bellezza Spa offers the finest body wraps, sea salt glows, airbrush tanning and even cellulite slimness treatment to make you glow and feel your best. Book an appointment today and see what all of the fuss is about.