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Hot stone manicure

The use of hot stones in therapy is a practice dating back to ancient times. Put the soothing benefits of hot stone therapy to work for you with a hot stone manicure from Bellezza Spa. Applying smooth warmed stones to various points on the hands and arms offers many benefits including relaxation and stress relief. If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, let this treatment wash your cares away. Show up just as you are. If you already have polish on your nails, the technician removes this with acetone and gauze so you have a fresh palette to begin with. Your nail technician will then consult with you on the desired shape and color for your nails. You can choose square tips or a more rounded shape for your nails. After shaping your nails, the technician will soften and exfoliate your cuticles. A sterilized pusher pushes the soft cuticles back and gently shapes them. You may also have your cuticles cut if you would like. Your technician will soak each hand in a warm water and milk bath to soften and hydrate your skin. Next, a citrus moisture scrub exfoliates. A hot towel cleanses the hands and removes the scrub. The technician gently pats each hand dry before beginning your hot stone treatment. The technician rubs hydrating oil on the stones and uses them to massage your arms and fingers. She targets specific points on the arms and hands to maximize the soothing and rejuvenating effect of the stones. This massage lasts for three to four minutes.

Throughout history, ancient healers used hot stones for everything from relieving anxiety and depression to curing insomnia and improving circulation. Let these stones work their magic on you as you relax with a hot stone manicure at Bellezza. After your hot stone massage, the technician will begin your nail treatment. Scrub fresh nail sanitizer cleans each nail plate so the polish will go on smooth. You then receive a base coat, the polish of your choice, and a top coat. Finally, Speed Spray cures the polish and helps the nails dry faster.

This manicure is the perfect choice when you want to update your nails while indulging in a little something extra. You still get the same careful nail shaping and gorgeous polish application that you enjoy with any Bellezza manicure. The hot stones take this treatment to the next level for real pampering.

Relax and unwind with a hot stone manicure at Bellezza Spa.


Nail services

Our hand and foot care treatments and products maximize skin hydration and nail health. Deluxe manicures and pedicures include: exfoliation, nail conditioning, cuticle treatment, massage, and polish application.