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French spa manicure

Give your nails a fresh clean look that’s perfectly polished, yet sophisticated and subtle with the French spa manicure. At Bellezza Spa, your manicure experience includes quality spa products that pamper and nourish, leaving you with soft hands and gorgeous nails. Sit back and relax while your nail technician transforms your hands with this soothing treatment. You don’t need to worry about any preparation. If you have existing polish on your nails, your technician will remove it as the first step in your manicure. Next, you will have your nails filed and shaped. Consulting with your technician will help you choose the best colors and products for your nails. A French manicure should look natural yet elegant. The polish must perfectly enhance your natural nail color while complementing your skin tone.

The experts at Bellezza can help you find that ideal shade. Once you’ve decided on the best products for your manicure, you can sit back and relax while your hands receive the full French spa manicure treatment. After shaping your nails, the technician will soften and exfoliate your cuticles. A sterilized cuticle pusher gently pushes the cuticle back from the nail and shapes it. You can also request that the technician cut your cuticles if desired. Next, a warm milk bath soak softens and hydrates your skin. An exfoliating scrub cleanses away dirt and dead skin cells. The scrub is gently removed with a hot towel. The technician pats your hands dry. The next step is a hydrating lotion and soothing massage from the elbows down that leaves you perfectly pampered. From your forearms to your fingertips, this massage is sure to soothe your cares away. Now you’re ready for your French manicure. Scrub fresh nail sanitizer cleans each nail plate. A base coat comes first on each nail, followed by your chosen French colors. Finally, a top coat finishes the application. Your technician applies speed spray last. This curing agent will set the manicure and help it dry quickly.

The Bellezza French spa manicure experience is the perfect choice if you want to freshen up your nails without an overĀ­theĀ­top look. A French manicure is the perfect choice for a professional appearance. This timeless choice complements any style, whether you’re getting ready for a wedding or a casual weekend. Keep your hands and nails in top condition with a pampering French spa manicure at Bellezza.

Get a fresh clean look with a French spa manicure at Bellezza Spa.


Nail services

Our hand and foot care treatments and products maximize skin hydration and nail health. Deluxe manicures and pedicures include: exfoliation, nail conditioning, cuticle treatment, massage, and polish application.