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Full set acrylic pink and white enhancements

For a stylish look for your nails, the full set acrylic pink and white enhancements guarantee results. First, your Bellezza Spa technician analyzes your hands before sizing them with CND nail tips. Before the enhancements, she also files and shapes the nail plate for a clean, neat palette for your design. Next, your technician applys Cuticle Away to push back the nail cuticles. To protect the pink and white enhancements from lifting, your technician wipes the nail plate by using gauze and Scrub Fresh application. She also removes any oils that may disturb the manicure by lightly filing your natural nails. Discuss with your technician your nail file and shape preferences before she starts the full set. Upon filing and blending your nail tips, the technician uses a CND sculpting brush to mix the pink and white acrylic powder with a sculpting liquid. After mixing, she applies it to your nails. Then, she uses a Hot Shot file to shape and file your nails, customizing them to your liking. Enhance your nails while keeping your natural look by letting your technician use an electric drill to shape and file nail thickness.

A Boomerang buffer smooths your nail plate and removes dust from your nails, while Solar oil adds some shine to your nail bed. To remove the chemicals, your technician will have your wash your hands using soap and water before continuing with the manicure. Next, your technician cares for your nails by applying more Scrub Fresh, then buffing them to the right shine with CND glossing block. Finally, your Bellezza technician adds the finishing touches by applying Solar oil to maintain your nails’ new look and shine.

A Full Set Acrylic Pink and White Enhancement brings out the color and shine of your nails.


Nail Enhancements

Bellezza Spa offers high quality and professional acrylic and gel nail enhancements available in pink or white. We also offer quick and affordable nail polishing or repair for those annoying chips or cracks.