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Fill in gel

Gel is the latest trend in artificial nails. Gel polish is longĀ­lasting and durable. If you’re after the look of natural painted nails without the hassle of constantly chipping polish, gel nails are the best option. Though gel nails are very difficult to chip, they do need some upkeep. As your natural nails grow out, you’ll need to have your gel nails filled in. Fill in gel treatments are relatively simple. Stop in every couple of weeks for a fill in and you won’t need to have your gel nails reapplied as often. The process for a fill in is much quicker than what you need for a complete gel application. First, the nail technician cleanses your hands with cool blue. Next, she files and shapes the nail plate. Applying the appropriate gel on the nails will fill in that gap where your nails have begun to grow out. After the gel application, you must place your nails under a Brisa UV lamp for three minutes. This cures the gel and helps it to harden.

Your nail technician wipes away residue from the surface of the nails with scrub fresh after this curing process is complete. She then files and shapes your nails to give you the finished look you’re after. The tops of your nails get a thorough buffing to make sure they’re smooth and even. This eliminates any lines or variances between the existing gel and the newly applied fill in. The technician will ask you to wash your hands after she buffs your nails to remove any dust. A quick wipe of scrub fresh over the surface of the nails helps to remove any lingering dirt so you have a fresh clean surface before the nail polish application. The technician applies a top coat to complete the fill in process. You will need to place your hands under a UV lamp once more to cure the top coat and harden your nails.

When you leave the Bellezza salon, your nails are already completely hard and dry so you don’t have to worry about delicately handling items for the next few hours, as you might with regular nail polish. Gel nails are a wonderful option for longĀ­lasting nails. This product comes in many different colors so you can get nearly any look with gel nails.

Keep your gel nails looking great with a regular fill in gel treatment at Bellezza Spa.


Nail Enhancements

Bellezza Spa offers high quality and professional acrylic and gel nail enhancements available in pink or white. We also offer quick and affordable nail polishing or repair for those annoying chips or cracks.