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Lash tinting

Do you have lashes that naturally fade at the ends? Or do you have a hair color that doesn’t match your lashes? Lash tinting can help solve these problems and make your lashes stand out more, adding thickness for a more youthful appearance. This process can also help you look your best, even when you don’t have time to apply mascara! A popular option at Bellezza Spa, lash tinting adds definition, allowing your lashes to stand out for maximum impact. It involves a custom dye application that’s tailored to the look of your existing hairs. A short and painless process, lash tinting allows you to immediately show off the immediate definition.

Lash tinting is great if you are always on­the­go and don’t want to deal with mascara. It’s also great if you have short lashes, or lashes that fad at the ends. Of course, many enjoy lash tinting at Bellezza Spa just for the look that it provides! Take advantage of this glamorous application at Bellezza Spa. For any look and style, lash tinting is the way to go to add something extra to your eyes! Find out how you can make your eyelashes pop with lash tinting at Bellezza Spa!

Add definition and color to your lashes with lash tinting at Bellezza Spa!