WP_Term Object ( [term_id] => 11 [name] => Hair [slug] => hair [term_group] => 0 [term_taxonomy_id] => 11 [taxonomy] => service [description] => Bellezza Spa also operates the best Hair Salon in Miami. Our top ranked Hair Stylists have been reviewed by major publications such as Allure and won national awards. Our salon develops it's own training and education programs to Bellezza Salon offers the finest Miami hair treaments including haircuts, styling, highlights, balyage, coloring, makeup application and waxing services. Get the beautiful hair you've always been looking for with one of our outstanding cuts or styles. Book a hair consultation today! Want a new style? Considering a different hue? Our goal at Bellezza Spa is to ensure you have the healthiest, most gorgeous hair imaginable no matter what you want. Choose from wow-worthy Highlights or Lowlights and everything in between. Gloss treatments offer a great addition to any color for extra shine and luster, or try a luxurious Olaplex, Keratase Fusio Dose, or Moroccanoil treatment to achieve movie star hair. New in our salon is the innovative Olaplex Treatment to bring life to tired, aging hair, giving you celebrity hair attention. Revive your hair with Bellezza Spa! [parent] => 0 [count] => 3 [filter] => raw [term_order] => 1 )

Custom made hair extensions

When you’re getting ready for a glamorous evening, looking your best involves beautiful attire, makeup, and a gorgeous hairstyle. Sometimes you don’t have time to do the classic and unique style you’d like to achieve. Make an appointment with Bellezza Spa’s hair consultants to prepare beautiful custom made hair extensions for you. Our hair extensions are 100 percent human hair. This hair is of the best quality. You may style it any way you like, including curling it. It’s as natural as your own hair. At your appointment, your hair stylist will start by examining your hair. Next, you’ll discuss the length and style you’d like to achieve.

Custom made hair extensions come in lengths up to 34 inches. You’ll also discuss the color you would like to have. If you are looking to transform your style, this is a perfect opportunity. Your hair stylist can help you choose a dazzling color that complements you. There are many color choices for your custom hair extensions. The best part about our custom made human hair extensions is that you can color them. Explore highlighting options for a flawless look. After washing and treating your hair, they’ll begin the process of transforming your custom made hair extension into a gorgeous natural look.

You can achieve any style with hair extensions. If you have thin hair, you can have bouncy hair that’s full of life. If your hair is short, you can have long and luxurious hair. Having longer hair gives you so many options. From sexy ringlet curls to straight hair and upĀ­dos, the looks are endless. While you get your hair done, your stylist will review ways to keep your extensions looking their best. It’s perfectly fine to wear them in for your next appointment and get it washed and treated as well.

Bellezza Spa offers you flawless, celebrity hair with our custom made hair extensions.


Hair services

The hair salon at Bellezza offers everything from haircuts, styling, highlights, coloring to makeup application and waxing services. Our stylist team continuously explores fresh ideas and new techniques for hair treatments and styling. Bellezza's Salon is located in South Miami and is home to Miami's most elite master hair professionals. Our team performs ongoing education to deliver the most advanced technology in techniques such as Balayage, Color, Styling, & Cuts.