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What is balayage?

Balayage means “sweeping” in French. A balayage colorist highlights your hair using a freehand method, with the highlights getting lighter as they approach the tips. Does this remind you a bit of ombre? The difference between balayage and ombre lies in the technique and the outcome: With balayage, the colorist will take sections of hair and literally sweep the color onto the surface, then apply more color toward the bottom using a paddle. Unlike traditional hair dying, foil isn’t used. The balayage technique creates a softer, more natural look that gives the body of hair more depth and personality. A highly skilled balayage colorist will be able to illuminate your best facial features.


Balayage offers a more natural look. Balayage adds multi-dimensional color to your hair without completely altering your base color. If you want to highlight the features of your face without going too drastic, balayage is perfect for you.


Balayage enables you to choose and customize your shade. You can go two shades lighter or more depending on what you want. The colorist can also control where the color is “swept” and create, say, lighter highlights near the front to enhance your cheek bones. In other words, this is the most bespoke coloring treatment you can get!


Balayage-treated hair grows out very naturally without awkward roots or tips or demarcation lines, so maintenance is much easier than it is with ombre or other coloring treatments. For this reason, balayage is an excellent option if you’d rather not visit the salon as frequently.


Balayage looks amazing on both dark and light hair. And even gray hair!


Balayage can be performed on all hair lengths. That includes cropped cuts.


A balayage treatment is much less likely to irritate the scalp. There is less heating involved as well, so your hair in general stays healthier.




Cut before you color. If you want a haircut at the same time, do it prior to the balayage treatment so your colorist can make sure the gradual coloring aligns with your hair length.


Do not use any product in your hair for 48-72 hours after treatment. The color needs some time to bond to your locks, and your hair cuticles need time to close up.


Protect your hair like you would with any coloring treatment. Use shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair and a heat protector or serum if you use hot tools to style. If you can help it, don’t shampoo your hair every day.



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Hair services

The hair salon at Bellezza offers everything from haircuts, styling, highlights, coloring to makeup application and waxing services. Our stylist team continuously explores fresh ideas and new techniques for hair treatments and styling. Bellezza's Salon is located in South Miami and is home to Miami's most elite master hair professionals. Our team performs ongoing education to deliver the most advanced technology in techniques such as Balayage, Color, Styling, & Cuts.