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With the ancient healing technique of reflexology, ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation begins with the feet. Deeply soothing and wholly restorative, reflexology utilizes innervated reflex points of the feet as a map of healing to reach corresponding organs and parts of the body.

Vitalizing pressure from the thumb and finger travel over each foot to gently massage, soothe, heal, and stretch one of the most toiled parts of the body. As the reflexologist’s fingers travel over reflex points, healing, calm, and gentle rejuvenation instill a sense of complete well­being. Reflexology Benefits include improved circulation in the feet through comforting touch relieves stress, fatigue, and pain. Since the times of ancient Greece, healing practitioners used reflexology to soothe both limb and soul and to add positive energy throughout the body.

For today’s busy lifestyles, reflexology is the perfect way to pamper feet that continually suffer from weariness, poor circulation, or inflammation due to chronic conditions. Endorphins naturally released during the stimulating, yet gentle, massage bring relaxation and calm to the body for a full sense of well­being of the mind and soul. The hardest­working parts of your body deserve the tranquil renewal and peaceful rejuvenation that reflexology at Bellezza brings.

See the reflexology benefits and get relaxed and rejuvinated not just to the feet, but the whole body with the ancient healing technique of reflexology.

30 min. $75
60 min. $125



Bellezza Spa offers the finest professional massage services available in Miami, Florida. Our specialties include, but are not limited to hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, swedish massage, and reflexology. Let your stress and problems melt away with our fantastic services.