18 May 2014


Rejoice. In your adult years, C doesn’t stand for your semi-failure in Math anymore. What it does stand for is Beauty. Think we’re getting them terribly mixed up? Think again.

The Obagi Professional C Serum is here to clear the air. C, as in Vitamin C, ladies and gentlemen. Oh yeah, we’re back to basics with Obagi.

What’s The Deal With Vit C?

The most popular of the Vitamin pack by far, miss C is found in fruit and vegetables that have that yummy factor in common. Think currants, watermelon, oranges, greens, peas and many more.

The good thing about Ascorbic Acid (the semi-fancy name Vitamin C goes under, sometimes) is that it works on many different levels. On one hand, it lowers toxicity levels in the body. This means it’s the go-to not-so-magic ingredient urban dwellers should keep in their cabinets (or fridges) at all times.

Vitamin C also helps you maintain the function of your eyes, contributes in iron absorption, keeps allergies at bay and protects from cardiovascular conditions.

The Skin Factor


Ok, that sounds real good. But why are we putting it on our faces?

The answer’s pretty straight forward: anti-aging. Vitamin C works wonders with fine lines and wrinkles, calms inflammation (a giant turn-off for your skin’s health), brightens and helps moisturize your visage, as well as contributes to UV protection and stabilizes Vitamin E (another skin all-star).

How Obagi Does It



When you’re using the Obagi Professional C Serum, Vitamin C comes in its only topical-friendly form, which is L-ascorbic acid.

It’s also a real powershot treatment, concentrated to give you visible anti-aging results. It works by penetrating deep into the skin, encouraging elastin and collagen production and brightening your whole complexion.

What You Need To Know



As we already know by now, Obagi is not for the faint of heart. It’s powerful, game changing, and sometimes a bit intense.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about any negative side effects this time. Just clear your schedule and take some time to look in the mirror, because you’ll have all the reasons in the world.

The serum comes in different concentrations, usually 15% or 20%, which are the most popular for whole-face approaches. You can either go up from the gentle version or focus on areas you want to address: 5% offers protection for sensitive areas (think under the eye), 10% is best for those boys and girls with dry skin, while 15% and 20% work for all skin types and are more efficient.

Why We Love It



Obagi is definitely the object of our collective love here at Bellezza Spa. We know perfectly well that there’s nothing like it when it comes to giving your skin a second life and changing your appearance dramatically. We also know the road can be a bit rough at times (kudos to all those determined men and women who go through the treatment!).

But, with Obagi Professional C Serum, the skin takes a much needed break.

This Serum brightens the skin, is not overly oily and it comes in different concentrations, which means you can choose the right one for you easily. You won’t get any better with other products when it comes to antioxidant protection, cellular turnover, collagen building and skin lightening (that means you, nasty sun spots!).

We love this product and so do many others, which have made the Professional C Serum a cult classic everyone goes back to time and time again. Miracle in a bottle, we might dare say, if we weren’t afraid to go all cliche on you.

We’ll just have to wait for you to try it and make that claim for yourselves.


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