14 February 2014

Beautify Miami: Most Popular Hair Texturizing Techniques

Whether you’ve got too much texture or no texture at all, texturing is a world of hair wonder that starts with a sharp pair of scissors, ends with hair dyeing techniques and can transform your look dramatically.

Hair Texture for Beginners


Just like our nails, hair is constructed out of keratinized protein. The levels of keratinized fiber in our hair strands is that which determines if our hair is curly or straight.

There are four levels of curliness on Planet Hair: straight, wavy, curly and extremely curly. In turn, these levels are divided between categories, ranging from fine straight hair with little volume all the way up to wiry, “Z” pattern, high density hair with a lot of volume.

If you think your limp, straighter-than-straight-lines hair is the finest you’ve ever seen, you might be surprised to know that extremely curly haired girls aren’t really your counterpart. In fact, curly locks can be extremely fragile and breakable, as each turning point in the strand is a potential weak point.

Knowing your hair type is crucial to getting your look right and, thank goodness, it’s not rocket science. You can easily determine what type of hair you have at home, following these easy steps.

Mighty Fine Hair


If you’re recovering from a blunt cut, you know exactly how terribly wrong a haircut can go. And, while Louise Brooks might have pulled that off back in the 20s, most fine haired ladies have trouble styling and volumizing this look.


A textured haircut, on the other hand, adds natural volume to your look, which works great if you’re dealing with flat, straight hair. And getting long layers will make your new style seem like “you’re born with it” rather than like you just got off your stylist’s chair.

Don’t wash!

You got that right, skipping a hair washing day is just what your hair needs for that extra bit of much needed volume. To help it out even more, sprinkle the roots with some dry shampoo and spritz the length of your hair with sea salt spray or a good texturizing spray. And voila! Instant beach hair wonderfulness, complete with that summer feel and that coveted bed-head appeal.

Curly Girls Have More Fun


Girls with a lot of texture in their hair often have it harder. Dryness is a common, unpleasant friend, damage lurks around the corner, not to mention everybody’s trying to touch your locks without asking. But there’s a light at the end of this unreasonably intricate tunnel, and it might be a little bit more revealing than you were planning.


Your full head of hair is a thing of wonder. Don’t hide, enhance. Volume is for the brave, and if you were born with naturally full hair nature’s probably trying to push your limits. Go full-on with a faux hawk, with cornrows and fluffed hair.

Go natural!

Texturizing your hair doesn’t have to be all about the dos. It turns out the don’ts are often as, if not more, important. With that in mind, we go off the salon, products-filled track and onto a new, mysterious road that advertises an effortless hair routine, texture included. If you don’t believe us, trust the pros. Hairstylist Kyra Dorman promises the hair, when left to its natural ways, is malleable and easy to turn into a whole bunch of different styles.

Tip: Start with a great hairstyle. You’ll get the most out of the natural look if you know what works best for your face, figure and personality.

Last Minute Advice


If you have a date and you don’t have time for any long term hair texturizing solutions, think fast. Straight hair can get a volume boost if you change your parting or you blow dry, while curly heads can benefit from some product candy. Go for texturizing spray or dry shampoo and keep your head up high. Your locks deserve it.


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