Damaged & Over Processed Hair

Many chemical treatments such as hair coloring, highlights, straightening, and perming can strip your hair of its natural moisture if used too frequently, leaving your locks dull, brittle, and prone to further damage. These treatments are all designed to change the very structure of your hair, which often leads to lasting damage if not cared for properly.

Color processes use chemicals to penetrate the outer protective layer of your hair in order to reach the cortex, where color pigments are found. This outer layer is called the cuticle and it is responsible for sealing in your hair’s moisture and keeping your hair healthy and strong. When it is damaged, moisture easily enters and leaves the hair shaft, and hair becomes much more likely to split or break.

Any treatments that change the texture of your hair, whether straightening or curling, are fundamentally breaking the bonds within your hair in order to reform them in the desired way. Over time, this can lead to weakened hair.

Symptoms of chemically damaged hair include:

  • Dull and lacking shine
  • Feels brittle and dry
  • Tangles easily and often
  • Many split ends
  • Texture feels rough
  • Falling out more than usual

Some of these symptoms can be caused by several other factors, including overuse of heated styling tools, insufficient hair care, or improper use of hair products, so the best course of action is to talk to your hair care specialist to correctly diagnose the problem and devise a solution tailored to your needs and abilities. You will find out which types of professional treatments can improve the condition of your hair and which specialized hair products you should be using to repair the damage and prevent further damage.