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If you are looking for wrinkle­free skin, opt for Radiasse at Bellezza Spa. Radiasse is a synthetic material, which combines particles of Calcium Hydroxlapatite in a gel carrier. It’s commonly used to restore facial contour and reduce wrinkles. It isn’t a lengthy procedure. At Bellezza, you’ll receive this treatment, giving you the chance to have wrinkle­free skin. This, in turn, will give you more confidence in your daily life, whether it’s at work or when you are out in public. The skin care professional uses a fine needle to inject the Radiasse under the skin’s surface. The professionals at the Bellezza Spa will give you anesthetic if you experience discomfort.

Radiasse is injected below the skin’s surface, namely in areas where you have wrinkles or fat loss. Visible results of skin thickness will be apparent after the first treatment, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy process. In the area where there was an injection, the skin professional will clean it with an antiseptic. Then, you will decide whether you can take the pain. To reduce the swelling, skin professionals will place an ice pack to the injected area. For healthy looking skin, Radiasse is very useful.

Radiasse at Bellezza Spa gives you healthy looking skin that’s free from wrinkles.



Bellezza Spa offers unparalleled professional beauty treatments including lip injections, botox treatments, Radiasse and much more. Our treatments are designed to restore beautiful smooth volume and youthful fullness to skin that you'll absolutely love. Book an appointment today!