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Once you’ve noticed fine lines and wrinkles, you shouldn’t let them get out of hand. Beauty is ageless and that’s proven by Perlane. As we get older, our face develops wrinkles around the top and bottom areas of our lips. Lines develop from the nose down to the corners of our mouths. This is the start of an older appearance and the first signs of aging.

Bellezza Spa specializes in Perlane treatments. Perlane is a clear gel that’s close to your skin’s own natural hyaluronic acid. Perlane is an injectable meant to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles in your face around your mouth. At your appointment, the esthetician will thoroughly cleanse your face before giving you Perlane injections. Using the finest needle, your technician injects the clear Perlane gel into your treatable wrinkle areas until the desired look is achieved. It’s that simple.

Your procedure is fairly painless and over in less than an hour. Those facial wrinkles are gone in an instant. You can schedule a follow­up treatment with Bellezza Spa in another four to nine months and have amazing results that can last up to 18 months after the first treatment.

Use Perlane for wrinkle reduction, at Bellezza Spa.



Bellezza Spa offers unparalleled professional beauty treatments including lip injections, botox treatments, Radiasse and much more. Our treatments are designed to restore beautiful smooth volume and youthful fullness to skin that you'll absolutely love. Book an appointment today!