Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy SpecIfics Ultimate Repair Cream - 1.7 oz

Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy SpecIfics Ultimate Repair Cream - 1.7 oz

Specifics Ultimate Repair Cream is formulated to repair damaged skin that can no longer repair itself, due to aging or biological, physical, and emotional stress factors

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Product Description

The Ultimate Repair Cream boasts a Gold Repair complex, formulated to promote collagen, plus blends gold particles with a scientific cocktail of natural actives like physalis, millet shoots, ceratonia and shea butter. To protect your peepers, the Ultimate Eye Cream will hit you with a peptide-ceramide complex and rose butter which aims to reestablish genetic markers and give your collagen and elastin a much-needed boost. In layman's terms, this stuff is super rich in active and hydrating ingredients for mature skin. For all skin types in need of intense repair.

Results: Illuminates and brightens skin immediately. Reduces irritation from day to day stress. Fills deep wrinkles to give skin a satiny smoothness. Stimulates the skin renewal process to reveal fresh, younger looking skin. Increases firmness and elasticity, improves your skin's vitality.


Gold Repair Complex: Winning combination of pure gold and bio-peptides targets deep tissue repair and stimulates collagen production.

Physalis plant extract: Powerful antioxidant to protect weakened cells from free radicals.

Millet Extract: Repairs mother cells ensuring a new generation of perfects cells.

Carob extract: Helps cells move to the site of damage for deep repair and speeds up renewal process.

Shea Butter/Vitamin E: Nourishes, Moisturizes and Protects skin.

Tolu balsam, Neroli, Rosewood, Benzoin: Essential oils to regenerate, Sooth and Balance skin.

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