Sothys Noctuelle - with AHAs - 1.69 oz

Sothys Noctuelle - with AHAs - 1.69 oz

Noctuelle is a very light night cream that leaves the skin extremely soft.

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Product Description

Noctuelle is a very light night cream that leaves the skin extremely soft. Thanks to the 8 % AHA complex, the complexion is bright and uniform. The AHA complex provides hydration and mild micro-exfoliation to the skin's top layers. Noctuelle is a quickly absorbing cream that prevents and diminishes the first external signs of aging. For all skin types.

Directions For Use

For Home Care Use: Apply in the evening on a well cleansed and toned skin. Spread the cream gently throughout the face and neck until it is fully penetrated. Use for 2 months. During the day, protect the skin with the use of a sunscreen of SPF 25 or 15. Not recommended for sensitive skin.


Liposomed Vitamin C: This is a powerful anti-oxidant that works to stimulate cellular reneal while acting as an anti free-radical.
Soy Extract: A natural substance recognized in protecting and preserving the organization of elastin fibers. Soy inhibits anti-elastase activity. Elastase is an enzyme that is linked to the deterioration of the elastic network.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E's chemical name is tocopherol. A powerful antioxidant that aids in neutralizing cell-damaging free radicals. As a fat soluble vitamin, it works within the lipids of the skin, therefore, maintaining skin moisture.
Corn Germ Oil: A skin-conditioning plant oil with properties of nourishing the stratum corneum, helping to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals and reduce skin redness.
Shea Butter Extract: A natural plant oil derived from an African fruit of the karite tree. Used for its exceptional skin-conditioning results; activates healing, reduces skin dryness.

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